The golf world was buzzing with excitement as Tiger Woods and TaylorMade officially announced their collaboration on a new apparel and footwear performance and lifestyle brand. Titled Sun Day Red, this brand marks an important transition for Woods following his recent split with Nike. Set to be released online in May, the brand holds great significance for Woods, representing his personal style and achievements throughout his legendary career.

The name “Sun Day Red” holds a special meaning for Tiger Woods. Known for his tradition of wearing red on Sundays during tournaments, the brand’s name pays homage to this iconic signature. As Woods embarks on a new chapter, Sun Day Red will serve as a testament to his unwavering passion and commitment to the sport.

The brand’s logo, featuring a tiger, is a powerful representation of Woods’ illustrious career. With 15 major championship victories to his name, the tiger logo serves as a reminder of his unmatched success on the golf course. It captures the spirit of determination and strength that has defined Woods’ journey, inspiring generations of golfers around the world.

The official announcement of the Tiger Woods and TaylorMade partnership took place at a press event in Pacific Palisades, California. Held ahead of the PGA Tour’s Genesis Invitational, an event hosted by Woods himself, the announcement generated significant buzz among golf enthusiasts and industry insiders. Woods, dressed in a cashmere sweater from Sun Day Red, expressed his excitement for this new venture, emphasizing that the timing felt right for the collaboration.

Woods’ close relationship with TaylorMade dates back to 2017 when they signed an equipment deal, establishing him as a prominent ambassador for the brand. Reflecting on their partnership, Woods shared that he had been courted by other companies, but ultimately trusted TaylorMade due to their commitment to excellence. The brand’s CEO, David Abeles, acknowledged Woods’ influence, citing his discipline and meticulous approach to product design as an inspiration for the TaylorMade team.

Sun Day Red is an entirely new company with separate headquarters and employees solely dedicated to its development. Abeles emphasized that there is no influence from TaylorMade on this brand, highlighting its independence. This distinction allows Sun Day Red to establish its unique identity and carve its own path in the golf apparel and footwear industry.

With Woods parting ways with his longstanding apparel partner Nike after 27 years, this collaboration marks a new phase in his brand exposure. Although injuries and unsteady performance have impacted his golf career in recent years, Woods’ lasting legacy and immense popularity among fans remain undeniable. Experts believe that his partnership with TaylorMade will serve as a major boost for the brand, comparable to how Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans maintain their success even years after his basketball career.

While Woods may be seen on the golf course less frequently due to his injuries, he is exploring new avenues in the sport. Alongside Rory McIlroy, he has taken ownership of the tech-focused golf league called TGL, set to commence next year with a broadcast deal on ESPN. This venture holds the potential to significantly enhance exposure for TaylorMade, further cementing their partnership as a winning formula.

The rumors surrounding the collaboration reached their peak when TaylorMade established TaylorMade Lifestyle Ventures back in March, creating a new LLC. Trademark filings followed in June, including the iconic SUNDAY RED logo and tiger logo variations. Industry experts speculate that by filing the LLC, TaylorMade provided Woods with equity in the new company, making the structure of this partnership truly exceptional.

The announcement of Tiger Woods’ collaboration with TaylorMade to create Sun Day Red represents a new era for the golf legend. With a brand that captures his style, traditions, and achievements, Woods embarks on a fresh journey with TaylorMade, bringing excitement and innovation to the world of golf apparel and footwear. As fans eagerly await the launch of Sun Day Red, it is clear that this partnership is poised to leave a lasting impact on the industry and continue Woods’ prestigious legacy.


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