Bridgit Mendler, known for her roles on Disney Channel and her music career, is now making waves in the space industry with her startup, Northwood Space. Unlike traditional space companies focused on building rockets and satellites, Northwood’s goal is to revolutionize how satellite data is transmitted to and from the ground. Mendler envisions creating a “data highway” between Earth and space, making the process of sending and receiving data to satellites more accessible and efficient.

Northwood Space’s approach involves mass producing ground stations, also known as teleports, which are essential for connecting to satellites in space. By making these ground stations more readily available and affordable, Northwood aims to address the current challenges in accessing satellite data. This innovative strategy has garnered the attention of high-profile venture investors, with an initial funding of around $6 million from investors such as Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz.

Mendler is leading Northwood Space alongside her two co-founders: the startup’s chief technology officer, Griffin Cleverly, and head of software, Shaurya Luthra. With a background in engineering at Lockheed Martin, Cleverly and Luthra bring valuable expertise in communications and satellite imagery to the team. The trio’s collective experience and passion for space technology drive the mission of Northwood Space to create a more efficient and user-friendly ground station network.

One of Northwood Space’s key objectives is to expedite the production and deployment of satellite ground stations, prioritizing speed and flexibility. Luthra highlights the importance of delivering ground stations within days, rather than months, to meet the demands of satellite operators. By streamlining the process of acquiring dedicated antennas, Northwood Space aims to reduce the waiting time from 18 months to a matter of days, ensuring that companies can quickly adapt to changing requirements.

Northwood Space is focused on democratizing access to satellite services, particularly for companies operating in low Earth orbit. By providing affordable and agile ground stations, Northwood aims to eliminate the need for companies to invest in building their own infrastructure. This model mirrors the convenience of cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, allowing space companies to scale their operations without significant capital expenditure.

As Northwood Space continues to grow, the startup plans to conduct its first test connecting to a spacecraft in orbit later this year. This milestone marks the beginning of a new era in satellite data transmission, guided by Mendler’s vision of a seamless and efficient data highway between Earth and space. With a focus on innovation, accessibility, and rapid deployment, Northwood Space is poised to transform the space industry and empower companies to navigate the complexities of satellite communication with ease.


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