The performance of Cliff Asness’ multistrategy fund at AQR Capital Management has been commendable, with a return of 18.5% in the previous year. This achievement is even more remarkable considering it was achieved after fees. However, it is important to critically evaluate the overall performance of the fund and its various strategies.

The AQR Absolute Return strategy, created in 1998, emerged as the most profitable among the value stocks in 2023. This strategy’s success can be attributed to AQR’s excellent stock selection capabilities. While the Russell 1000 value index only returned 8.8% during the same period, the AQR Absolute Return strategy achieved an impressive gain of 18.5%. These results highlight the firm’s commitment to its investment philosophy, developed during Cliff Asness’ time at the University of Chicago’s Ph.D. program.

AQR Capital Management’s investment philosophy, rooted in value and momentum strategies, has been a driving force behind the firm’s success. This dedication is evident in the results of the AQR Equity Market Neutral Global Value strategy, which gained 20.6% in 2023. The firm’s ability to outperform the broader market index further emphasizes the effectiveness of their investment approach.

In addition to the success of its value-focused strategies, AQR’s alternative trend following strategy, the AQR Helix Strategy, achieved a net return of 14.3% in 2023. This outcome was largely driven by alternative commodity markets, including iron ore, European natural gas, and power prices. These results demonstrate AQR’s ability to navigate and capitalize on opportunities within diverse market segments.

AQR Capital Management’s newest multistrategy fund, the AQR Apex Strategy, created in 2020, delivered a solid performance with a gain of 16.2% in the previous year. While this strategy has yet to match the outstanding results of the firm’s longer-running funds, its performance showcases AQR’s commitment to continuously innovate and expand its offerings.

Although AQR Capital Management achieved impressive returns across its various strategies, it is essential to compare its performance to that of the broader market. In 2023, the S&P 500 rallied by a remarkable 24%, driven by the success of mega-cap technology stocks. Similarly, the Nasdaq Composite recorded its best year since 2020, ending with a significant gain of 43.4%. While AQR’s funds did not surpass these market indices, they still delivered respectable returns amidst challenging market conditions.

AQR Capital Management’s performance, particularly through its various strategies such as the AQR Absolute Return strategy, the AQR Equity Market Neutral Global Value strategy, the AQR Helix Strategy, and the AQR Apex Strategy, has showcased the firm’s ability to generate consistent returns. Despite falling short of the broader market’s performance, AQR’s commitment to value and momentum-driven strategies, as well as its prowess in alternative markets, positions it as a reliable and reputable investment management firm.


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