Former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, recently shared his thoughts on the company’s disappointing quarterly report. Even though he no longer has an official role within Starbucks, Schultz believes that the company can bounce back by enhancing its U.S. stores. He emphasized the need for an improved mobile order and pay experience, as well as a focus on creating premium drinks that set the company apart from competitors. Schultz highlighted the importance of prioritizing the customer experience by viewing it through the lens of a merchant, rather than solely relying on data.

Following a surprising decline in same-store sales, Starbucks had to revise its full-year forecast, leading to a miss on Wall Street’s estimates for quarterly earnings and revenue. As a result, the company’s shares dropped by 17%, causing its market value to decrease to $82.8 billion. Analysts have been scrambling to determine why Starbucks experienced a 7% decline in U.S. traffic during the quarter. Some speculate that the negative impact of social media backlash regarding the company’s stance on Middle East conflict may still be lingering.

Schultz, renowned for transforming Starbucks into a global coffee powerhouse, stepped down as CEO over a year ago. He passed the torch to Laxman Narasimhan, a former CEO of Lysol owner Reckitt. Even though Schultz is no longer on the Starbucks board, he provided guidance to his successor on navigating the company’s current challenges. He highlighted the importance of leaders embodying a balance of humility and confidence while working to rebuild trust and enhance overall performance within the organization. Schultz’s remarks indicate a sense of distance from returning as Starbucks’ CEO again, as he stated in a CNBC interview a year and a half ago.

Schultz’s assessment of Starbucks’ recent struggles and his proposed solutions shed light on the company’s path to recovery. By focusing on enhancing the customer experience, refining its product offerings, and instilling strong leadership qualities, Starbucks may be able to overcome its current setbacks and regain its competitive edge in the market.


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