In a move that caught many by surprise, billionaire investor Mark Cuban sold his majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks. The $3.5 billion deal with the family of casino mogul Miriam Adelson made headlines, and Cuban now retains a 27% stake in the basketball team while continuing to control basketball operations. During an “ask me anything” session on X (formerly known as Twitter), Cuban revealed the reasoning behind his decision, citing a new wave of revenue generation in the NBA that he feels is not his area of expertise.

Cuban, known for his entrepreneurial success and ownership of other businesses such as Cost Plus Drugs, admitted that his strengths lie elsewhere. He emphasized his expertise in sales and acknowledged that the emerging trend of NBA franchises seeking additional revenue streams off the court, such as tech partnerships and real estate ventures, required skills and knowledge that he lacked. Cuban highlighted that his strengths and focus have primarily been in the pharmacy and basketball industries.

Real Estate and Entertainment

The “next wave” of revenue generation in the NBA revolves around forming partnerships with tech giants and diversifying into real estate and entertainment ventures. ESPN reports that NBA teams are seeking these additional revenue streams by partnering with tech companies, constructing million-dollar condos, and establishing trendy restaurants to offset the costs of building new sports facilities. Cuban recognized that these pursuits align more naturally with the expertise and background of the Adelson family, who have a rich history in the casino, entertainment, and real estate industries.

The Adelsons

Miriam Adelson, currently recognized by Forbes as the fifth-richest woman in the world, inherited 56% of the shares in the world’s largest casino company, Las Vegas Sands, following the death of her husband, Sheldon Adelson, in 2021. Cuban acknowledged that the Adelsons’ experience and resources make them better suited to lead the Mavericks franchise in pursuing real estate redevelopment and other strategic initiatives. He expressed confidence that their involvement would significantly enhance the team’s competitiveness.

Cuban revealed that he had foreseen these industry changes years ago and knew that he was not the right person to spearhead them. He mentioned his previous discussions about the potential for a casino and destination resort but made it clear that he did not have the intention or expertise to pursue those projects himself. Cuban’s decision to sell his majority stake in the Mavericks aligns with his desire to dedicate more time to his family and potentially explore other interests, such as sports betting.

Shifting Priorities

In addition to his departure from the Dallas Mavericks, Cuban announced his decision to leave ABC’s “Shark Tank” after its 16th season concludes in 2025. While Cuban considers spending more time with his family as a driving factor for these career changes, he also recognizes that they create room for pursuing his passion for sports betting. Although online sports betting remains banned in Texas, Cuban hopes that his new partnership with casino royalty will contribute to legalizing and bridging the gap between professional sports and gambling in the state.

Mark Cuban’s decision to sell his majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks and retain a minority position demonstrates his ability to recognize his limitations and align the team with owners who possess the necessary expertise. Cuban’s focus on sales and his lack of experience in real estate and entertainment ventures prompted him to explore other opportunities and spend more time with his family. The partnership with the Adelsons puts the Mavericks franchise in a better position to compete and capitalize on the emerging revenue streams in the NBA. Cuban’s career changes also open doors for potential involvement in the sports betting industry, as he aims to contribute to its legalization in Texas.


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