Meenakshi Sai, a 51-year-old Indian woman, defies the norm of her country by embarking on epic road trips since the young age of 18. In a country where less than 7% of drivers are women, Sai stands out as a trailblazer who enjoys the freedom and independence that driving provides. After her daughter left for boarding school, Sai found herself with ample free time and discovered a passion for solo and group road trips, both within India and across international borders.

Driving for a Cause

Sai’s most notable road trip involved driving 20,000 km across five countries in a mission to spread awareness about cervical cancer from Coimbatore, India to St. Petersburg, Russia. Her journey not only showcased her driving prowess but also highlighted the increasing trend of Indians engaging in road trips for noble causes. With access to better vehicles and improved road infrastructure in the country, more individuals are embracing the idea of slow travel and exploration through road trips.

Despite the increasing popularity of road trips, Sai faced various challenges during her ambitious ventures. Planning a road trip from India to London required meticulous itinerary mapping and finding compatible travel companions. The logistical complexities, including visa restrictions and unfamiliar road conditions, added to the complexity of her journeys. Additionally, being a vegetarian posed dietary challenges in certain countries, forcing her to adapt and improvise along the way.

Empowering Through Overland Travel

Currently, Sai operates an overland driving company that curates road trips to countries like Namibia, Georgia, Armenia, Nepal, and Mongolia. She believes that driving through a country offers a unique perspective, allowing travelers to connect with local communities, embrace uncertainty, and revel in the freedom of the open road. Through her ventures, Sai aims to empower fellow road trip enthusiasts to explore the world beyond traditional modes of travel.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Rishad Saam Mehta, a 51-year-old journalist and author, embarked on over 100 road trips across 50 countries, each offering unique experiences and challenges. From driving through the high Himalayas to traversing multiple continents, Mehta’s passion for road trips transcends borders and cultures. He emphasizes the significance of good company in enhancing the road trip experience, underscoring the value of camaraderie in adventurous endeavors.

From London to Delhi: A Transformative Expedition

Tushar Agarwal, a software engineer, undertook a life-changing journey from London to Delhi in 2010. The 51-day road trip inspired him to relinquish his corporate job, return to Delhi, and co-found Adventures Overland, one of India’s premier road trip companies. Agarwal’s profound experience on the road led him to discover his true purpose, igniting a passion for curated driving excursions across the globe.

Agarwal’s most ambitious road trip, the “Great India World Trip,” spanned six continents and 50 countries, solidifying a Guinness World Record for the longest journey by car within a single country. His adventures, showcased in a 10-episode series on Discovery Channel, captivate audiences with the beauty of diverse landscapes, the thrill of venturing into unknown territories, and the resilience required to overcome obstacles on the open road. As Adventure Overland flourishes, Agarwal continues to inspire wanderlust and redefine the road trip experience for adventure enthusiasts worldwide.


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