Lucy Alexandra Spencer has reshaped the concept of education through her innovative approach to teaching. Rather than confining learning to the walls of a traditional classroom, Spencer travels the world with wealthy European and American families, providing a unique educational experience for their children. This refreshing outlook challenges the conventional methods of teaching and opens up new possibilities for young learners.

Spencer, a former primary school teacher with a background in teaching students with learning difficulties, embarked on her first traveling teaching role seven years ago. Since then, she has spent a significant amount of time abroad, including extended trips to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. Her unconventional teaching style and adaptability have set her apart in the field of education, allowing her to cater to the specific needs and preferences of each family she works with.

Unlike traditional teachers or tutors, Spencer prefers to be known as a “facilitator” or “educator.” She emphasizes the importance of sparking curiosity and encouraging children to ask questions, rather than simply imparting knowledge. By incorporating local culture, cuisine, and customs into her lessons, Spencer creates a truly immersive learning experience for her students. This personalized approach not only enhances academic learning but also fosters cultural awareness and global perspective.

Spencer’s progressive teaching methods may not be suitable for all families. She tends to work with startup founders who value alternative approaches to education and thinking. To avoid misunderstandings, Spencer clarifies her role as an educator and ensures that families do not mistake her for a nanny or an au pair. By setting clear boundaries and managing expectations, she establishes a professional relationship with each family based on mutual respect and understanding.

Through her private tutoring business, Education Boutique, Spencer aims to make traveling teachers more accessible to families around the world. By offering a range of options, including pairing families with trained students on gap years, she hopes to democratize education and provide unique learning opportunities for students of all backgrounds. Spencer’s commitment to supporting both privileged and disadvantaged children reflects her vision of a more inclusive and equitable education system.

As Spencer continues to revolutionize education through travel, she envisions a world where learning transcends borders and traditional constraints. By expanding the reach of traveling teaching opportunities and reimagining the role of educators, she strives to create a more dynamic and engaging learning environment for children worldwide. Through her innovative approach and unwavering dedication to education, Lucy Spencer is shaping the future of teaching and inspiring a new generation of learners.


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