Vanessa Acosta and Sam Roberts, a couple from Pasadena, California, initially planned a grand black-tie wedding with 150 guests at a cost of $75,000. However, after reevaluating their plans due to family events, they opted for a micro wedding in their backyard with only 54 close family and friends. This shift in perspective allowed them to cut their budget to $3,000 and get creative with their wedding arrangements.

Micro weddings, which typically have around 50 guests, have become a popular trend in the wedding industry. Even smaller than micro weddings are minimonies, with no more than 10 attendees. These intimate gatherings provide a more personal and manageable experience for couples tying the knot.

The cost of weddings has been steadily increasing over the years, with the average ceremony and reception costing $35,000 in 2023. This rise in expenses can be attributed to factors like inflation and changing trends in the wedding industry. As a result, many couples are turning to smaller weddings as a way to save money without compromising on the significance of the occasion.

One of the most effective ways to reduce wedding costs is by trimming down the guest list. By focusing on a smaller group of attendees, couples can save on expenses like meals, invitations, and favors. This shift in approach allows for a more tailored and budget-friendly celebration.

Setting a clear and realistic budget from the beginning is essential for couples planning a wedding. By identifying priorities and making informed decisions, couples can stay within their budget while still creating a unique and enjoyable event. Flexibility with the ceremony date and exploring alternative options for attire can also help reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Hosting a smaller wedding can offer various benefits for couples looking to save money and create a more personalized celebration. By focusing on quality over quantity and making thoughtful decisions throughout the planning process, couples can enjoy a memorable wedding day without breaking the bank. Whether opting for a micro wedding, minimony, or another intimate gathering, the key is to prioritize what truly matters and stay true to your vision for the special day.


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