The American Reshoring ETF, managed by Tema ETFs CEO Maurits Pot, is a bold bet on the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing jobs. Pot believes that the current trend towards deglobalization is just the beginning and that there is a significant opportunity for job creation through reshoring manufacturing processes.

Since its launch in May 2023, the American Reshoring ETF has seen impressive growth, with a nearly 37% increase in value. Despite this positive performance, there are concerns about the fund’s long-term viability. “ETF Edge” host Bob Pisani highlights the transient nature of theme-based ETFs, suggesting that they often come and go without sustained success.

However, Strategas’ Todd Sohn disagrees and sees investing in U.S. manufacturing as a strategic move. Sohn emphasizes the growth potential in the industrial sector after decades of contraction. He advocates for an active approach to investing in industrials, believing that it offers more staying power compared to other thematic ETFs that focus on tech and growth.

Despite its initial success, the American Reshoring ETF has faced challenges in the market, underperforming the broader market by falling more than 4% in the past three months. This decline raises questions about the sustainability of the fund and its ability to deliver consistent returns over time.

In the competitive world of ETF investing, the American Reshoring ETF stands out as a unique opportunity to capitalize on the reshoring of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. While there are risks and challenges associated with theme-based ETFs, the potential for long-term growth in the industrial sector makes it a compelling investment choice for those looking to diversify their portfolio and embrace the resurgence of American manufacturing. As investors navigate the complexities of the ETF landscape, careful consideration and due diligence will be crucial in determining the success of funds like the American Reshoring ETF in the ever-changing market environment.


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