Bitcoin mining company CleanSpark is set to expand its operations with the acquisition of new mining facilities. This move will not only increase CleanSpark’s hashrate potential but also provide the company with the necessary power and infrastructure to support its growth. As a result, CleanSpark’s shares saw a 12% increase, bolstered by the rising price of bitcoin.

CleanSpark plans to acquire three “turnkey” sites in Mississippi for $19.8 million in cash. These sites will require minimal setup, as CleanSpark can simply plug in its existing hardware. The company expects these sites to contribute approximately 14% of its revenue shortly after the transaction is finalized. Additionally, CleanSpark will invest $3.4 million in cash to acquire a facility in Dalton, Georgia, with plans to complete the project by April, further expanding its presence in the region.

CEO Zachary Bradford stated that the expansion into Mississippi is part of CleanSpark’s efforts to grow its operations and diversify its data center portfolio in a strategic manner. The company already has experience in the southeastern power markets through its operations in Georgia. Since Mississippi falls within the same electric reliability region, CleanSpark anticipates synergies that will aid in its expansion plans.

The Importance of Electricity Costs

Apart from mining machines, electricity is one of the highest costs for bitcoin mining companies. Some companies have contractual agreements with power producers that enable them to purchase a fixed amount of power at a set price annually. However, those who rely on spot prices may face potential losses due to spikes in power prices, which often occur during summer or winter. CleanSpark’s acquisition of new facilities allows it to have greater control over its electricity costs, giving the company a competitive edge in the market.

The bitcoin mining industry is poised for consolidation, particularly among smaller miners with higher costs or older, less efficient hardware. This trend is expected due to the impending halving of miner rewards in the spring. CleanSpark’s CEO, Zachary Bradford, mentioned that some miners may struggle to survive after the halving, and that CleanSpark is actively seeking potential facilities to accommodate its own machines. By acquiring these facilities, CleanSpark can minimize the time between closing deals and operational deployment, leading to a faster return on investment.

Generally, mining stocks benefit from increases in the price of bitcoin, as this translates into higher mining revenue for the company. In 2023, bitcoin miners outperformed even bitcoin itself. CleanSpark experienced significant growth, gaining about 440% in value compared to bitcoin’s 157% increase.

CleanSpark’s expansion plans represent an important step forward for the company in the rapidly evolving bitcoin mining industry. By acquiring new mining facilities and diversifying its data center portfolio, CleanSpark aims to improve its operational efficiency and take advantage of potential synergies. With the halving approaching, the consolidation of the bitcoin mining industry presents a unique opportunity for companies like CleanSpark to solidify their position and achieve substantial growth in the future.


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