The Inflation Beneficiaries ETF, created by Horizon Kinetics in January 2021, aims to capitalize on higher inflation rates in the market. Despite potential Federal Reserve rate cuts, Portfolio Manager James Davolos believes that the ETF is well-positioned for success. According to Davolos, the world is entering a phase of mature inflation, with rates expected to stabilize between three and five percent.

Davolos emphasizes that the Inflation Beneficiaries ETF is designed to diversify investors’ portfolios in a higher inflation environment. The fund focuses on investing in companies that are classified as “asset light” and “capital light.” Top holdings in the ETF include Wheaton Precious Metals, PrairieSky Royalty, and Viper Energy, according to data from FactSet as of April 30.

Although the Inflation Beneficiaries ETF has underperformed the S&P 500 by approximately five percent this year, Davolos remains confident in its potential for long-term stability. He argues that gains from inflation-oriented ETFs offer a more stable investment option compared to the current tech-heavy megacap rally. Davolos predicts a reversal in market dynamics as investors become more attuned to the implications of prolonged inflation.

Since its inception, the Inflation Beneficiaries ETF has experienced a 30% increase in value as of the latest market close. Despite short-term fluctuations and underperformance relative to major market indices, Davolos remains optimistic about the fund’s future prospects. He believes that the ETF’s unique approach to inflation hedging will continue to attract investors seeking a diversified and stable portfolio.

The Inflation Beneficiaries ETF offers a strategic opportunity for investors looking to navigate uncertain market conditions and capitalize on rising inflation rates. With a focus on asset and capital light companies, the fund aims to provide long-term stability in a changing economic landscape. As market dynamics evolve, the ETF’s performance may offer insight into the potential benefits of inflation-oriented investments in a higher for longer environment.


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