In a recent interview on CNBC’s “ETF Edge,” ARK Invest’s chief futurist Brett Winton highlighted five key areas that tech investors should focus on to gain an edge in the market. These areas include robotics, artificial intelligence, multi-omics sequencing, public blockchain, and energy storage. Winton emphasized that these technologies are all entering the marketplace simultaneously, making it a unique time in technological economic history.

Winton, who works closely with ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood to manage the ARK Venture Fund (ARKVX), aims to provide investors with access to private technology investments. The fund’s objective is to offer venture capital opportunities in innovative sectors to individual investors. Some of the fund’s top holdings as of April 10 include companies like Epic Games, Freenome, and Relation Therapeutics, known for their contributions to online gaming, biotechnology, and healthcare.

One of the key principles of ARK Invest’s approach is investing in innovation for the long term and supporting management teams that prioritize long-term growth over short-term gains. Winton pointed out that many public market investors struggle to adopt this view, opting for quick profits over sustainable growth. Despite the ARK Venture Fund’s decline of over 7% year-to-date, it has seen significant growth of nearly 39% in the past 52 weeks, indicating the potential of investing in disruptive technologies in the long run.

Winton acknowledged the challenges of maintaining a long-term perspective in a market driven by short-term fluctuations and quarterly earnings reports. However, he believes that by focusing on industries like robotics, AI, and blockchain, investors can position themselves to benefit from groundbreaking advancements that are reshaping the future of technology.

ARK Invest’s strategic approach to investing in cutting-edge technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, and energy storage offers investors a unique opportunity to capitalize on the rapid pace of innovation in the tech sector. By prioritizing long-term growth and supporting innovative companies, ARK Invest aims to provide investors with a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market landscape.


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