In a strategic move to expand its exchange-traded fund business globally, the parent company of the Toronto Stock Exchange recently completed a significant deal by acquiring ETF education company VettaFi. TMX Group CEO John McKenzie emphasized the importance of this deal in providing greater support to clients and enhancing the accessibility of exchange-traded funds on a global scale.

Despite a slight slowdown in ETF activity from the record highs of 2022, data from iShares indicates that 2023 still saw increased engagement compared to previous years. McKenzie envisions leveraging the VettaFi acquisition to facilitate the creation of new ETF products and solutions that cater to a wider investing audience. By empowering ETF providers to innovate and develop new offerings, TMX aims to deepen its presence in the ETF market and capitalize on emerging trends.

Expanding Access to ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange

TMX’s ETF Screener currently lists 1,264 ETFs and ETF-related funds on the Toronto Stock Exchange, showcasing the diversity and breadth of investment options available to market participants. With the integration of VettaFi into its platform, TMX plans to introduce new ETFs that highlight Canada’s economic strengths and appeal to international investors seeking exposure to the country’s market. McKenzie’s ambition to position TMX as a global player underscores the company’s commitment to expanding beyond national boundaries and establishing a robust international presence.

Since the completion of the VettaFi acquisition on Jan. 2, TMX shares have surged by 11%, signaling investor confidence in the strategic direction set by the company’s leadership. The synergies between TMX’s existing capabilities and VettaFi’s specialized expertise in ETF education bode well for the future growth and value creation potential of the combined entity. As TMX continues to harness the power of exchange-traded funds to drive innovation and foster financial inclusion, stakeholders can anticipate further advancements that elevate the Toronto Stock Exchange’s prominence in the global financial landscape.

The acquisition of VettaFi represents a pivotal moment in TMX Group’s evolution as a leading player in the exchange-traded fund space. By capitalizing on the growth opportunities presented by ETFs and leveraging strategic partnerships to enhance its product offerings, TMX is solidifying its position as a key hub for ETF trading and investment. With a focus on expanding access, driving innovation, and delivering value to clients, TMX is laying the foundation for sustained success and growth in the dynamic world of exchange-traded funds.


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