As Tiffany Mane commuted to work, she found herself engrossed in the “Financial Feminist” book by Tori Dunlap. The growing popularity of Dunlap’s financial wisdom is evident in the community of women and marginalized groups who share her resources to improve their financial lives. Historically, finance has been seen as a man’s responsibility, leading to a disparity in personal economics. However, Dunlap and her fanbase are working to change this narrative by providing relatable financial advice that resonates with women’s experiences.

Tori Dunlap’s journey to save $100,000 by the age of 25 inspired her to create the Her First $100K platform, which has evolved into a multi-platform product. Her book, podcast, Instagram, and TikTok accounts have garnered millions of followers who engage in conversations about money and careers. Through her Facebook group, members share financial wins, seek advice, and organize virtual book clubs. Dunlap’s approach to financial education combines actionable steps to improve economic lives with an understanding of systemic barriers that hinder women’s wealth-building efforts.

Research shows that women have less confidence in financial matters compared to men, highlighting the need for specialized resources tailored to their unique circumstances. Advice that addresses topics relevant to women, such as the economics of childcare, is crucial for building financial literacy and confidence. By providing niche resources, Dunlap and other financial experts can empower women to take control of their financial futures.

Women like Tiffany Mane and Tierney Barker have experienced transformative changes in their financial lives through engagement with Dunlap’s advice. Mane, a human rights investigator, has achieved economic stability through budgeting, saving, and investing strategies learned from Her First $100K. Barker, a travel agent, has implemented a savings strategy and improved her financial decision-making skills. Both women have shared their newfound knowledge with others, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and financial literacy.

Despite the progress made in empowering women through financial education, Tori Dunlap recognizes that systematic barriers persist, particularly for women and minorities in the business world. In the wake of challenges such as the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Dunlap emphasizes the importance of advocating for social equity through economics and finance. Achieving financial equality is essential for ensuring overall equality for marginalized groups in society.

The impact of financial advice for women provided by Her First $100K goes beyond personal finance – it is about empowerment, support, and advocacy for equality. By addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by women in managing their finances, Tori Dunlap and her platform are helping to create a more inclusive and financially equitable future for all.


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