Boeing recently informed its employees about the challenges it is facing due to supplier shortages of key parts, which are expected to slow down the increase in production and deliveries of new 787 Dreamliner planes. This setback comes on the heels of Boeing already having to reduce deliveries and output of its 737 Max planes following a serious incident in which a door plug blew out during a flight in January.

Boeing had been working on increasing the output of 787 Dreamliners after facing quality issues that resulted in the suspension of deliveries for almost two years, with the resumption coming in mid-2022. The company’s Vice President and General Manager for the 787 program, Scott Stocker, acknowledged the need to enhance the overall health of the production system by implementing measures to improve safety, first-pass quality, training, work sequencing, and resource allocation. Despite these efforts, Boeing is still grappling with supplier shortages that are impacting its production capabilities.

In response to the supplier disruptions, Boeing has communicated to its customers that there will be a slower ramp-up in the production and delivery rates of the 787 Dreamliner planes. However, the company remains committed to gradually increasing the production rate to meet the high demand for these aircraft. As of late last year, Boeing was producing around five 787 Dreamliners per month, with a target of reaching 10 planes per month by next year.

The challenges stemming from supplier shortages have put a strain on Boeing’s production schedule for the 787 Dreamliner planes. Despite the setbacks, Boeing is focused on implementing measures to address these issues and gradually increase its production rates to meet customer demand. It remains to be seen how Boeing will navigate these challenges and optimize its production processes to ensure timely deliveries of its popular Dreamliner aircraft.


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