Lululemon, the renowned athletic apparel retailer, is taking a step forward in its quest for growth by venturing into the men’s footwear market. In an increasingly competitive industry, Lululemon aims to diversify its offerings and capture new avenues of expansion. This strategic move comes as the company sets ambitious goals to double its men’s business and achieve a revenue target of $12.5 billion by 2026. With the introduction of its first casual sneaker, the “cityverse,” along with two new running shoe models, Lululemon is making a bold statement in its commitment to cater to both men and women. This article examines the significance of Lululemon’s foray into men’s footwear and analyzes its potential impact on the company’s growth trajectory.

Lululemon’s entry into the men’s footwear market is part of a broader growth strategy unveiled in April 2022. Acknowledging the immense growth potential in the men’s segment, Lululemon aims to seize this opportunity. The launch of the cityverse sneaker, as well as the upcoming running shoe models, marks the initial steps in the company’s journey to establish a foothold in this untapped market. Although footwear currently represents a small category for Lululemon, the company is optimistic about the role it could play in attracting more male customers and offering them greater choice.

Intensified Competition

Lululemon’s decision to expand into men’s footwear comes at a time when competition in the athletic apparel sector is intensifying. Established players like Nike and emerging brands such as On Running pose significant challenges as they make men’s footwear a pivotal component of their core offerings. Moreover, Lululemon’s growth rate has slowed in recent months, prompting some analysts to question its ability to sustain its past performance. While the company still enjoys a strong reputation among investors, the prospect of moderated growth and a decelerating sector demand prompt caution among Wall Street firms. HSBC, for instance, downgraded Lululemon from a “buy” rating to “hold” due to expectations of narrower outperformance compared to other retailers.

Lululemon is keen to emphasize that apparel will remain the “juggernaut” and core aspect of its overall business. The introduction of men’s footwear is seen as a complementary venture, providing an additional edge in the competition against industry icons like Nike, Adidas, Hoka, and On Running. While Lululemon recognizes the need to enhance its brand awareness among men, acknowledging lower figures in the U.S., Australia, and beyond, the company is eager to seize the growth potential in this segment. By making innovation and a strong brand name its focus, Lululemon is determined to set itself apart from competitors. The company’s dedication to design and proprietary technologies that offer unique features across its assortment of footwear models is a key component of its strategy.

The launch of Lululemon’s men’s footwear line represents a significant milestone in the company’s growth journey. By diversifying its product offerings and targeting the underdeveloped men’s market, Lululemon aims to capture new opportunities and bolster its revenue streams. While apparel remains at the core of Lululemon’s business, the expansion into men’s footwear will not only attract a broader customer base but also provide a strong competitive advantage against industry giants. As Lululemon navigates the challenges of an increasingly crowded athletic apparel space, its commitment to innovation, superior design, and brand recognition will be pivotal in sustaining growth and emerging as a key player in the men’s footwear segment.


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