Adidas experienced a significant 8.2% increase in its shares recently due to its unexpected raise in full-year guidance and its reported profit rise in the first quarter. The German sportswear giant is now anticipating currency-neutral revenues to grow at a mid-to high-single-digit rate in full-year 2024, surpassing its previous projection. It is also expecting an operating profit of around 700 million euros, a substantial increase from its initial forecast of 500 million euros.

Adidas made a strategic decision to sell its loss-making Yeezy inventory after cutting ties with Kanye West, the artist previously associated with the brand. This move is anticipated to bring in an additional 200 million euros in sales for the remainder of the year. The decision to offload the Yeezy stock reflects the company’s focus on optimizing profitability and streamlining its product offerings.

The company’s first-quarter operating profit surged to 336 million euros, up significantly from the previous year, showcasing a strong financial performance. However, Adidas acknowledged that unfavorable currency effects may impact its profitability for the year, affecting both reported revenues and gross margin development.

Transition Year and Growth Expectations

After undergoing a transition year in 2023 following the loss of revenue from Yeezy sales, Adidas is now poised for growth. CEO Bjørn Gulden expressed optimism about the company’s performance, expecting growth in the first quarter and further strengthening in the second half of the year. The underlying sales growth from the Yeezy products validates the accelerated momentum of the Adidas brand.

Adidas is strategically partnering with key sporting events like the Olympics, Paralympics, EURO 24, and Copa events to leverage its brand visibility and drive sales. The company’s Terrace footwear brand is expected to be a key driver of momentum in other product lines. Furthermore, with a focus on performance shoes such as running and basketball, and cleaner inventories, retailers are likely to show increased interest in stocking Adidas products.

Adidas’ recent share surge and strategic business decisions reflect its commitment to driving growth and profitability. With a focus on optimizing its product portfolio, leveraging strategic partnerships, and maintaining a strong financial performance, Adidas is well-positioned to capitalize on market opportunities and further strengthen its brand presence in the global sportswear industry.


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