Greencore Group, a prominent Ireland-based manufacturer of convenience foods, has been a key player in supplying chilled, frozen, and ambient foods to retail and food service customers in the United Kingdom. With over 16 manufacturing and 18 distribution centers in the UK, Greencore has established itself as a leading supplier to supermarkets, convenience stores, coffee shops, and other retailers.

Oasis Management, a well-known global hedge fund firm with a strong presence in Asia, has recently shown interest in Greencore Group by building a significant stake in the company. Led by chief investment officer Seth Fischer, Oasis has a proven track record of successful international activism by advocating for strategic actions, improving corporate governance, and holding management accountable. However, Oasis has primarily focused its activism efforts in Asia and Europe.

Despite its strong market presence, Greencore has faced challenges, especially due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company’s stock price and operating performance have significantly declined since the outbreak, with its adjusted operating profit and EBITDA margins remaining below pre-pandemic levels. Furthermore, Greencore’s failure to reinstate its dividend, coupled with lower operating and EBITDA margins compared to its peers, has raised concerns about its financial stability.

Oasis Management’s previous activism campaigns in Europe have yielded impressive returns, particularly in similar businesses to Greencore such as Premier Foods and The Restaurant Group. In both instances, Oasis successfully advocated for strategic changes, including board member appointments, asset sales, and strategic reviews, leading to increased shareholder value. Premier Foods, in particular, experienced a significant turnaround under Oasis’s influence, with a substantial increase in total return and EBITDA margins.

Given Oasis Management’s track record of creating shareholder value, there is a significant opportunity for Greencore to undergo a revival under their guidance. By leveraging Oasis’s expertise in streamlining operations, accelerating buybacks, and driving financial performance, Greencore could potentially regain its position in the market and enhance shareholder returns. The presence of Alastair Murray, a former executive with Oasis ties, on Greencore’s board could facilitate a smoother transition and implementation of strategic changes.

The potential collaboration between Greencore Group and Oasis Management presents an opportunity for the company to navigate through its current challenges and emerge stronger in the market. With the strategic guidance and activism expertise of Oasis, Greencore could revitalize its operations, improve financial performance, and ultimately create value for its shareholders.


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