Shares of Chewy saw a significant increase in value after the news broke that meme stock trader “Roaring Kitty,” whose legal name is Keith Gill, acquired just over 9 million shares of the pet food e-commerce retailer. This stake amounts to a 6.6% ownership in the company, making him the third-largest shareholder of Chewy. The value of his stake, based on Friday’s closing price, is estimated to be over $245 million.

Following the SEC filing that disclosed Roaring Kitty’s investment in Chewy, the stock experienced an increase of more than 8% in morning trading. The filing also included a humorous note, asking whether the investor is a cat, to which Roaring Kitty humorously replied, “I am not a cat.” This playful exchange was reminiscent of Gill’s statement during congressional hearings related to the GameStop trading frenzy in 2021.

Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, is widely recognized for his involvement in the GameStop trading saga. He played a key role in encouraging retail investors to purchase GameStop shares and call options, causing a significant squeeze on short-selling hedge funds. Gill initially disclosed a stake of 9.001 million GameStop shares in mid-June, leading to fluctuations in the stock’s price. It remains unclear whether he liquidated his GameStop position to fund the acquisition of Chewy shares.

There is a notable connection between GameStop and Chewy through entrepreneur Ryan Cohen. Cohen, who founded and served as CEO of Chewy, facilitated PetSmart’s acquisition of the company in 2017 and its subsequent IPO in 2019. He transitioned to GameStop, where he joined the board of directors alongside two other Chewy executives in early 2021. Cohen’s involvement in GameStop’s leadership marked a turning point for the company, leading to a pivot towards e-commerce and a revival in its performance.

During a recent YouTube livestream, Keith Gill expressed optimism about GameStop’s future, stating that the company is undergoing a reinvention spearheaded by Ryan Cohen. He emphasized that GameStop has entered the second phase of its transformation, positioning itself as a bet on Cohen’s leadership and the shift towards e-commerce. Gill’s insights reflect his continued support for GameStop and belief in its potential for growth and innovation.

Keith Gill’s investment in Chewy highlights his strategic approach to building a diverse portfolio and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the market. The interconnectedness between GameStop and Chewy, driven by key figures like Ryan Cohen and Roaring Kitty, underscores the dynamic nature of the stock market and the potential for synergies between companies in the digital retail space. As investors continue to monitor these developments, the influence of influential traders and industry leaders like Gill and Cohen will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of these companies in the months and years to come.


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