Reddit’s decision to offer its most active users the opportunity to buy stock in its initial public offering (IPO) is a unique move that could have significant implications for the company and other investors. While this decision reflects Reddit’s desire to give its users a sense of ownership, it also introduces a level of risk that is uncommon in traditional IPOs.

The S-1 filing revealed that Reddit’s decision to allow users to participate in the offering is rooted in the users’ deep sense of ownership over the communities they have created on the platform. This ownership extends to all of Reddit, reflecting the users’ passion for the platform and their desire for it to be successful. By giving users the opportunity to become shareholders, Reddit is aiming to further solidify this sense of ownership.

While the idea of allowing users to buy stock may seem like a positive step towards user engagement and ownership, it also comes with inherent risks. The filing mentioned that Redditors’ participation in the offering could lead to increased volatility in the market price of Reddit’s Class A common stock. This volatility could be further exacerbated by the fact that the participating users will not be subject to a lock-up agreement, allowing them to sell their shares immediately after trading begins.

Traditional IPO investors often agree to a lock-up period, which prevents them from selling their shares immediately after the stock begins trading. However, the Reddit users participating in the IPO will not be subject to this restriction, potentially adding to the volatility in the stock price. This lack of a lock-up agreement could result in a more unpredictable market reaction following the IPO.

Reddit users have already shown a penchant for trading volatile stocks, as evidenced by the meme stock craze that took place in 2021. The WallStreetBets chat room on the platform was instrumental in driving up the prices of stocks like GameStop and AMC Entertainment. By allowing these users to participate in the IPO, Reddit is opening itself up to potential market manipulation and increased volatility.

The filing stated that Reddit will invite eligible users to participate in the IPO and allocate shares based on a tiered system that takes into account users’ “karma,” a reputation score that reflects their contributions to the community. While this system may seem fair on the surface, it also introduces an element of subjectivity that could lead to dissatisfaction among users who feel they were unfairly excluded from participating.

Reddit’s decision to allow users to buy stock in its IPO is a bold move that reflects its commitment to giving users a sense of ownership over the platform. However, this move also introduces a level of risk that is not typically seen in traditional IPOs. The potential for increased volatility in the stock price, combined with the lack of a lock-up agreement for participating users, could have far-reaching implications for both Reddit and other investors in the market.


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