In the current spring housing market, potential homebuyers are shifting their focus towards new construction, rather than previously owned homes. This change is driven by several factors, including incentives, availability, and market conditions. With lower supply, higher prices, and rising interest rates affecting the housing market, new construction presents a more appealing option for many buyers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there was an 8.3% increase in the sales of new single-family houses in March compared to the previous year. This surge in new home sales is attributed to the increased opportunities and benefits that come with purchasing a new property. Additionally, the median sales price for new homes was reported to be $430,700, making it a competitive choice for homebuyers.

On the other hand, the sales of previously owned homes have experienced a decline of 3.7% from the previous year, as reported by the National Association of Realtors. The existing homes market is facing challenges such as low inventory and homeowners’ reluctance to sell due to the mortgage rate lock-in effect. Many existing homeowners are hesitant to trade their current low mortgage rates for higher ones, leading to a limited supply of existing homes for sale.

As a result, buyers are turning to new construction as a viable alternative. Homebuilders are offering more flexibility in pricing and providing incentives to attract potential buyers. These incentives include rate buy-downs, price cuts, and even covering closing costs for buyers. The emphasis on transaction volumes over margins by builders has contributed to the increased interest in new home sales.

Despite new builds being traditionally sold at a higher price than existing homes, the price gap between the two has significantly narrowed in recent times. The median price for a new home is now only about 4% higher than that of an existing house, compared to a difference of over 40% before the pandemic. This shift in price dynamics has made new construction more accessible to price-sensitive buyers with tighter budgets.

With the existing homes market facing inventory shortages and affordability challenges, buyers are finding more options and incentives in the new construction sector. The trend towards new construction in the housing market is expected to continue as buyers seek out the benefits and opportunities offered by purchasing a new home.

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