The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has recently received a significant vote of confidence from investors worldwide. Renowned hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman and his wife, Neri Oxman, have acquired a substantial stake in the exchange. This move not only highlights their faith in the Israeli economy but also signifies the exchange’s potential for growth and innovation. The purchase, which amounts to nearly 5% of the TASE, demonstrates the couple’s strong belief in the exchange’s future prospects. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind their investment and explore the exciting opportunities the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange presents.

Ackman and Oxman’s Investment

Bill Ackman, CEO and founder of New York-based Pershing Square Capital Management, has been an ardent supporter of Israel. Since the October 7th Hamas terror attack on the country, Ackman has been actively involved in condemning such acts and promoting peace. This investment, amounting to approximately $25 million, marks his first venture into Israel since the conflict began. The decision showcases his continued commitment to the country and his belief in its long-term stability and growth.

Neri Oxman, an American-Israeli architectural designer and professor, has joined forces with Ackman in this investment endeavor. Her expertise in the field and strong ties to Israel make her an ideal partner for this venture. Together, Ackman and Oxman possess the vision and knowledge required to identify lucrative opportunities within the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Concurrently with Ackman and Oxman’s investment, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has initiated a secondary offering of 17,156,677 shares. This offering constitutes 18.5% of the exchange’s market value and has been priced at 20.60 shekels ($5.50) per share. The substantial interest from investors across Israel, the United States, Europe, and Australia underscores the confidence in the TASE and the Israeli economy as a whole. The net proceeds from this offering will be allocated towards enhancing the exchange’s technology infrastructure, consolidating its position as a leader in the global market.

Ackman’s Commitment to Israel

Bill Ackman’s commitment to Israel extends beyond his investment in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. He has been a vocal advocate for combating rising antisemitism on campuses, particularly at his alma mater, Harvard University. Ackman uses his platform on social media site X to voice his concerns and demand accountability from educational institutions. His dedication to addressing societal issues aligns with his pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli stance. Ackman emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between being anti-terrorist and pro-Palestinian, thus encouraging dialogue and promoting peace in the region.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange presents an attractive investment opportunity due to its robust performance and potential for growth. Ackman and Oxman’s stake is an endorsement of the exchange’s stability and long-term prospects. By investing in the TASE, individuals can benefit from Israel’s thriving economy and innovation-driven industries. The exchange’s commitment to enhancing its technology infrastructure further solidifies its position as a leader in the global financial market.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s recent secondary offering and the substantial investment made by Bill Ackman and Neri Oxman highlight the exchange’s potential as a secure and lucrative investment opportunity. Their endorsement denotes the stability of the Israeli economy and the exchange’s commitment to growth and innovation. As investors continue to recognize the value of the TASE, it stands poised to harness its potential and cement its position as a leading global stock exchange.


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