Frontier Airlines recently introduced a new add-on option called UpFront Plus, aimed at providing passengers with more space and comfort on their flights. However, is this new offering truly worth it, or is it just another way for the airline to squeeze more money out of its customers?

UpFront Plus is available in the first two rows of Frontier’s Airbus planes and promises passengers a more spacious and comfortable flying experience by blocking the sale of the middle seat. Additionally, these seats offer four to five inches more legroom compared to the rest of the seats on the plane. While this may seem like a tempting offer for passengers looking for a bit of extra comfort, is it really worth the added cost?

The price for UpFront Plus starts at $49, with special pricing available for bookings made before March 20 for flights between April 10 and April 30. However, Frontier insists that this option is not a limited-time offer, suggesting that it will be a permanent feature on their flights going forward. It’s clear that the airline is banking on passengers being willing to pay extra for a more comfortable flying experience.

Frontier is not the only airline looking to capitalize on passengers’ willingness to pay for extra comfort and convenience. Other airlines, from budget carriers like Spirit to major players like Delta, United, and American, have also introduced similar offerings to generate additional revenue. In an industry where competition is fierce and profit margins are slim, airlines are constantly looking for new ways to increase their bottom line.

While it’s understandable that airlines need to find ways to stay profitable, it’s important to consider whether these add-on options truly provide value for the cost. With budget airlines like Frontier already charging extra for everything from seat selection to carry-on bags on top of the base fare, passengers may find themselves shelling out more money than they intended for a comfortable flying experience.

While Frontier’s UpFront Plus option may seem like a desirable choice for passengers looking for a bit of extra space and comfort, it’s crucial to carefully weigh the cost against the benefits. As airlines continue to find new ways to monetize the flying experience, passengers must decide for themselves whether these add-on options are truly worth the additional expense.


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