An investigation is currently underway by a federal court-appointed watchdog, Neil Barofsky, to monitor the United Auto Workers (UAW) and eliminate corruption within the organization. The focus of the investigation is on whether UAW President Shawn Fain abused his power and engaged in corrupt practices. Barofsky accuses Fain and other union leaders of obstructing the investigation and impeding his access to crucial information. These actions could potentially violate a 2020 consent decree between the UAW and the U.S. Department of Justice, which aimed to prevent a federal takeover of the union.

In addition to the initial allegations against Fain, the monitor has expanded the investigation to include further claims of retaliation by Fain against a union vice president. Furthermore, an unrelated investigation was opened regarding potential embezzlement by an unnamed UAW International Executive Board (IEB) member, a regional director. These developments indicate a broader scope of corruption and misconduct within the UAW leadership that needs to be addressed.

Despite the accusations and investigations, Fain released a statement reaffirming his commitment to leading the union in a new direction and striving for transparency and accountability. He emphasized the importance of investigating any claims brought forth to the monitor’s office. Fain’s statement portrays a sense of confidence in the UAW leadership’s dedication to serving its members and upholding democratic principles.

The UAW is currently engaged in a national organizing drive of nonunion automakers, aiming to expand its reach and influence in the automotive industry. These efforts come on the heels of record-setting contracts negotiated by the union under Fain’s leadership with major automakers such as General Motors, Ford Motor, and Stellantis. Despite these achievements, the recent allegations cast a shadow on the union’s accomplishments.

Barofsky’s concerns regarding the UAW leadership primarily arose in February when investigating current members of the IEB, including the President, Secretary-Treasurer, and a Regional Director. The probe was triggered by allegations of misconduct against Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Mock, which led to a series of accusations and counterclaims within the union’s leadership. The monitor’s challenges in accessing relevant documents and information have further complicated the investigation process.

The filing indicates that the union’s delay in producing relevant documents has hindered the monitor’s investigative work, potentially violating the Consent Decree established to address corruption within the UAW. With only a small portion of the requested documents provided so far, there is a growing concern that the investigation may be impeded by the lack of transparency and cooperation from the union leadership.

The ongoing investigation into UAW President Shawn Fain and other union leaders highlights the persistent challenges of corruption and misconduct within the organization. The need for greater transparency, accountability, and adherence to ethical standards is paramount to rebuild trust and integrity within the UAW and ensure that its members are represented with honesty and fairness.


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