It was a month of trial and error, a month of twists and turns, before the first person was able to solve the enigmatic Rubik’s Cube. This person was none other than Erno Rubik, the visionary creator of this iconic toy, who is now 79 years old. What began as a mathematical teaching tool to help his students grasp the concept of three-dimensional movement, eventually evolved into the Rubik’s Cube. Initially dubbed the “magic cube,” Rubik’s creation was a composite of wooden and paper cubes held together by rubber bands, glue, and paperclips. It wasn’t until the Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor mixed up the colors of his complete cube and attempted to restore its original alignment that he discovered the mind-boggling puzzle hidden within. Rubik recalls his initial disbelief, “I thought, if I can’t do it, nobody else can do it, or very few can do it.” However, this realization ultimately convinced him that this perplexing invention had the potential to captivate the masses.

This year marks a significant milestone as the Rubik’s Cube turns 50. Under the ownership of Spin Master, the toy shows no signs of fading into the shadows. Sam Susz, the senior director of global marketing at Spin Master, aptly describes the Rubik’s Cube as more than just a toy. “It’s art. It’s a sport. It’s science. It’s math.” Since its inception in 1974, the Rubik’s Cube has permeated various facets of pop culture. From movies and TV shows to music videos and video games, this iconic 3-by-3 grid has left an indelible mark. It has even found a home in museums and inspired an entire subgenre of art. Notably, aficionados have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of speed-solving, resulting in the current world record of a staggering 3.13 seconds.

In 2021, Toronto-based Spin Master, renowned for its brands like Hatchimals, Tech Deck, and Kinetic Sand, acquired the Rubik’s Cube brand, adding to its impressive portfolio that already included the iconic Etch-a-Sketch. Sam Susz reflects on this opportune acquisition, acknowledging that in the toy industry, it is rare to encounter an evergreen and iconic brand. The Rubik’s Cube brand exemplifies remarkable longevity and staying power in the market. Snapping up established, time-tested products allows Spin Master to experiment with new ventures confidently, knowing that their core products will always find a place on retail shelves. The Rubik’s Cube, as James Zahn, editor-in-chief of “The Toy Book” and senior editor of “The Toy Insider” asserts, has transcended the realm of mere toy and game brands; it has become a classic that will endure for generations to come.

With a compelling market share of 42% in the brain teaser category, the Rubik’s Cube continues to enjoy robust sales growth. In 2022, global retail sales of the Rubik’s Cube reached an impressive $75.3 million, with nearly 6 million units sold. These figures exclude the substantial revenue generated from the sale of Rubik’s-inspired cubes, amounting to tens of millions of dollars. Year-to-date sales until November 2023 have already witnessed a remarkable 14% increase compared to the previous year. To put it into perspective, Rubik’s Cube sales accounted for approximately 4% of Spin Master’s total revenue in 2022, amounting to over $2 billion. James Zahn attributes the cube’s enduring popularity to its intricate nature, boasting an astounding 43 quintillion combinations, which stokes the human spirit of problem-solving. Parents and educators, recognizing the value of engaging children in non-digital activities, have embraced the Rubik’s Cube as a means to stimulate critical thinking skills and dexterity. Moreover, Spin Master is committed to empowering educators through the Rubik’s Academy, an educational program that equips teachers with lesson plans that incorporate this puzzle toy into their curriculum. Amanda Gummer, a child development expert and founder of “The Good Play Guide,” lauds the Rubik’s Cube for its positive impact, particularly on children with learning difficulties, fostering confidence and accomplishment.

While the traditional Rubik’s Cube remains a beloved classic, Spin Master has diligently pursued innovation, introducing new iterations of the cube to cater to diverse preferences. Among these innovations are the Rubik’s Phantom, a version with thermochromic ink that conceals colors until the heat from one’s hands activates them, and the Rubik’s Impossible, featuring iridescent tiles that shift colors from various angles. In addition, Spin Master has focused on enhancing accessibility to the cube-solving experience. The Rubik’s Coach Cube, adorned with numbered stickers corresponding to the step-by-step solving process, simplifies and demystifies the solving journey. The goal, after five decades, is to maintain the Rubik’s Cube’s momentum. Spin Master has forged partnerships with prominent brands like Mattel’s Barbie, Hello Kitty, Levi, and Mercedes to launch a myriad of new Rubik’s-inspired products, ranging from toys and apparel to even a Formula 1 racing car. The prospect of a feature film chronicling Rubik’s life is also under consideration. Spin Master anticipates sustained sales growth in 2024 as they unveil fresh iterations of this timeless cube. Sam Susz highlights the advantage of having complete ownership of the Rubik’s brand, enabling Spin Master to invest extensively in its future.

The Rubik’s Cube has transcended its humble origins as a mathematical teaching tool, evolving into an iconic global phenomenon. With its enduring appeal and limitless potential for innovation, the Rubik’s Cube solidified its position as a classic that captivates generation after generation. As Spin Master continues to unleash the legacy of this irreplaceable puzzle toy, its timeless allure will undoubtedly endure for the next 50 years and beyond.


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