Renowned investor Warren Buffett recently disclosed his latest stock pick in a regulatory filing, revealing that his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway has acquired nearly 26 million shares of insurer Chubb. This sizable investment amounts to a stake worth $6.7 billion, making Chubb Berkshire’s ninth largest holding by the end of March. Following this announcement, shares of Chubb surged by almost 7% in extended trading and have seen a 12% increase year to date.

Berkshire Hathaway, headquartered in Omaha, has a significant presence in the insurance industry, with investments in various insurance companies ranging from auto insurer Geico to reinsurance giant General Re. In addition to Chubb, Berkshire has also made substantial acquisitions in the insurance sector, such as Alleghany for $11.6 billion in 2022. Notably, Berkshire recently divested its positions in Markel and Globe Life within the same industry.

The Element of Secrecy

What sets this particular investment in Chubb apart is Berkshire’s decision to keep it confidential for two consecutive quarters. The conglomerate was granted confidential treatment to withhold details of one or more of its stock holdings, a rarity for Berkshire. This secret purchase was not disclosed during Berkshire’s annual meeting earlier in the year, leading to much speculation among investors. Some had predicted that the mystery acquisition could be a bank stock, given Berkshire’s recent increase in equity holdings in banks, insurance, and finance.

This veiling of the Chubb acquisition is not the first time Berkshire has opted for such a secretive approach. In 2020, Berkshire kept its purchases of Chevron and Verizon confidential, showcasing Buffett’s strategic tactics when it comes to investments. The decision to maintain secrecy around certain stock holdings reflects Berkshire’s careful and calculated investment strategies, emphasizing the importance of discretion in the ever-evolving financial markets.

Warren Buffett’s revelation of Chubb as his latest stock pick sheds light on Berkshire Hathaway’s continued interest and involvement in the insurance industry. The element of secrecy surrounding this investment adds an intriguing dimension to Buffett’s investment approach, highlighting the meticulous planning and foresight that go into Berkshire’s investment decisions. As investors await further developments and insights into Berkshire’s portfolio, the allure of Buffett’s stock picks remains as captivating as ever.


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